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Industry Leadership Requires Great Leaders.
The future of your organization and the continuous achievement of success in business require exceptional leadership, a solid management team and capable employees.

Every choice you make today about employee assessment and selecting the best candidates, about employee training that develops and nurtures talent, and about executive coaching will influence the future of your business.
Assess. Train. Coach. Excel.
Welcome to The Aldridge Group, your partners in human resource performance enrichment. Our team of professional consultants in Cleveland, Ohio is dedicated to helping you achieve employee assessments that identify the best potential candidates, conduct employee training that promotes peak performance and provide executive coaching to ensure your organization excels to the highest possible levels.

Your employees are your single most important and valuable asset. Our commitment is to help you identify, develop, enhance and advance the best and the brightest to ensure progress and success over the short- and long-term.
We help organizations identify the most promising talent, train and guide them to achieve strategic leadership goals. We coach them to sustain peak levels of performance.
- Skip Aldridge, The Aldridge Group Founder